St Albans - French- Report


St Albans - French - Progress Report

CLUB : St Albans
TEACHERS : Grace Venkatasawmy and Caroline Meares
TERM : Summer half term (May 2019)
Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good
listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make
French culture both enjoyable and memorable.
It is a pleasure to teach your children and we hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have any
questions, please send an email to
Grace Venkatasawmy
At the start of each lesson we talk about how we are doing -“Bonjour” (Hello),Comment tu t’appelles?
(What is your name?), “Comment ça va?” (How are you?), “ça va bien” (I am fine), “ça va mal” (I
am not good), “ça va comme ci, comme ça” (so so), j’ai faim/soif ( I am hungry/thirsty), je suis
fatigué ( I am tired), j’ai chaud/froid (I am hot/cold). What snack (goûter) we have, how to say
“please” (s’il vous plaît), “merci” (thank you), “non merci” (no thank you).
With the new children we have worked on numbers up to 10 and with the older group we are working
up to 20.
Topics we have worked on since the last report in February -
“The house”- “Les murs” (the walls), “la fenêtre” (window), “la porte” (the door), “ le toît” (the
“Mothers Day” - We learnt a poem and introduced new vocabulary - fleurs(flowers), coeur (heart),
bisou (kiss), joue (cheek), baiser (kiss), nez (nose).
“Breakfast” (le petit déjeuner)-Le croissant, la tartine (toast), le pain au chocolat, les céréales, le lait
(milk), le chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), le beurre (butter).
“The rainbow” (l’arc-en-ciel) and its colours.
This term will be a general revision (fruits, vegetables and more food) to consolidate our vocabulary
and will work on means of transport.

Caroline Meares
TOPIC THEMES – Pencil case/school equipment
We started the term by looking at items you might find in your pencil case and school bag and learnt –
la trousse (pencil case), le cahier (exercise book), la gomme (rubber), le crayon (pencil), le stylo (pen),
la colle (glue), le trombone (paperclip), le taille-crayon (pencil sharpener), les ciseaux (scissors) and le
règle (ruler).
Then we looked at other items to be found in the classroom - la table (table), la chaise (chair),
l’ordinateur (computer), le tableau interactif (whiteboard), la fenêtre (window), la porte (door), la
poubelle (bin) and le livre (book).

Next we started looking at methods of transport and learnt –en voiture (by car), en avion (by plane),
en train (by train), à pied (by foot), en bateau (by boat), en vélo (by bike), en moto (motorbike) and en
camion (lorry).
After half term
We will start a holiday topic.
First we will learn sea creatures – poisson (fish), sirène (mermaid), requin (shark), baleine (whale),
hippocampe (sea horse), coquillage (shell) and tortue (turtle).
We will then look at la plage (beach) and will learn le mer (sea), le seau et la pelle (bucket and spade),
le soleil (sun), la crème solaire (suncream), le château de sable (sandcastle) and le coquillage (shell).
We will finish the term by learning ice cream flavours – strawberry (à la fraise), raspberry (à la
framboise), chocolate (au chocolat), vanilla (à la vanille) coffee (au cafe), lemon (au citron), pistachio
(à la pistache) and au cassis (blackcurrant). We will learn how to ask for an ice cream – je voudrais
une glace …s’il vous plaît and how to say I like (j’aime..) and I don’t like…(je n’aime pas…).
We will also continue to review and build on the topics covered this term.
ALL TERM DATES, REPORTS AND PRESENTATION DATES ARE ON THE WEBSITE . Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not
We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your journey in French.
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