Malden Manor - French- Report


Malden Manor - French - Progress Report


Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make French culture both enjoyable and memorable.

It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have specific questions, please see me after the club or send an email to

With both groups we start the session with greeting each other BONJOUR! COMMENT CA VA? CA VA BIEN, CA VA MAL, JE SUIS FATIUE…(hello! How are you? I am fine, I feel bad, I am tired…).

THE ADVANCED GROUP(YEAR 3+) we covered following subjects: “LA BOULANGERIE”, LE PAIN(bread), LE CROISSANT… “LA BOUCHERIE”(BUTCHER), LE POULET(chicken), LA SAUSSICE(sausage)…”L’EPICERIE”(grocery) DU LAIT(milk), “LA POISSONERIE”(fish shop)LE POISSON; AU SUPERMARCHE(SUPERMARKET); “QUEL TEMPS FAIT IL?”(How is the weather?) IL NEIGE(it snows), IL PLEUT(It rains)… “OU HABITES TU?”(where do you live?), J’HABITE LONDRES, J’HABITE PARIS… We have learned how to make short sentences like: J’AIME LA BAGUETTE(I like the baguette), JE MANGE LE FROMAGE(I eat cheese), JE VOUDRAIS UN CROISSANT(I would like a croissant)… we learned to count up to 50. For each subject we played related games such as bingo, FAIRE LA COURSE(go for shopping)…
For the rest of the term we will cover following subjects:
LES DIRECTION: A GAUCHE, A DROITE, EN AVANT, EN ARRIERE…Left, right, forward, backward…)
QUELLE HEURE EST IL?(what time is it?)
LES MOIS DE L’ANNEE (months of the year)
NOEL ET LE NOUVEL AN (Christmas and the New Year)

YEAR 1 AND 2: we practiced colours:VIOLET(purple), JAUNE(yellow), ROSE(pink).. and numbers and the children are able to count up to 20 we also learned “LES JOURS DE LA SEMAINE”(days of the week); “LE VISAGE”(face): LES YEUX(eyes), LE NEZ(nose), LA BOUCHE(mouth)…”LE CORPS”(body): LES EPAULES(shoulders), LES GENOUX(knees)…We learned short sentences through games and miming: JE MANGE(I eat), JE BOIS(Idrink), JE RIS(I laugh), JE PLEURE(I cry)…
For the rest of the term we will cover following subjects:
LES ANIMAUX DE LA FORET(forest animal)
LES MOIS DE L’ANNEE (months of the year)
NOEL ET LE NOUVEL AN (Christmas and New Year)

ALL TERM DATES, REPORTS AND PRESENTATION DATES ARE ON THE WEBSITE Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not continuing.

We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your journey in French.
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