Malden Manor - French- Report


Malden Manor - French - Progress Report

Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good
listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make
French culture both enjoyable and memorable.
It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as we do. If you have specific
questions, please see me after the club or send an email to

With both groups we start the session with greeting: Bonjour(hello) Comment ça va?(How are you?)
Ça va bien! Ça va mal, je suis fatigue…(I am fine, I feel bad, I am tired…).
THE ADVANCED GROUP(YEAR 3+) we covered following subjects: Les vêtements: le pantalon, la jupe,
la robe…(clothing: trousers, skirt, dress…) je met et j’enlève( I put on and I take off); Les directions:en
haut et en bas (up and down)en avant, en arrière, à gauche, à droite…( forward, backward, left,
right…); Quelle heure est-il? Il est 2 heures…(what time is it? It’s 2 o’clock…); les actions: je glisse(I
slide), je grimpe(I climb), je fais du ski(I ski), je soufflé(I blow); les fruits et mes preferences: we
learned: la pomme, l’abricot, la cerise… and learned how to say which one I like and which one I
prefer, ex: j’aime la pomme mais je préfère le raisin(I like apple but I prefer grape).
YEAR 1 AND 2: We revised counting and learn to count up to30, more colours: noir, gris,
marron..(black, grey, brown..); directions: devant, derrière, à gauche et à droite( forward, backward,
left and right); je nage, je joue le football, je cours…(I swim, I play football, I run…); qui mange qui et
qui mange quoi?(who eats who and who eats what?) ex: le tigre mange la souris(tiger eats mouse) le
lapin mange la carotte(rabbit eats carrot); Les fruits: la pomme, l’abricot, la cerise, le raisin…(fruits:
apple, apricot, cherry, grape…) At each session we practiced counting, learned new colours and we
played “Jaques a dit”(French version of Simon says) for learning actions by miming them, ex: je dors,
je cours, je nage (I sleep, I run, I swim)
Songs: Gouzi gouzi and Petit Jean
For the rest of the term we will cover following subjects:
-Garçon et fille/il et elle
-How to describe a person ex: ella a des cheveux blonds boucles, il a des cheveux noirs(she has blond
curly hair he has short black hair) etc…
-Qui est où?(who is where) qui est dans le ciel? Qui est dans l’eau? Qui est dans l’herbe?(who is in
the sky? who is in the water? Who is in the grass?)
-Dans mon cartable il ya…(in my book bag there are) le crayon, la gomme, une règle…(pencil, rubber,
-Pâques en France(Easter in France)

ALL TERM DATES, REPORTS AND PRESENTATION DATES ARE ON THE WEBSITE Please remember that we expect half a term’s notice if you are not
We look forward to seeing you next term to continue your journey in French.
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