Barrow Hedges year 3s - French- Report


Barrow Hedges year 3s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Spring 1- 2019/2020
We’ve started the new half term by covering the French tradition of “La Galette des Rois”, a
special cake the French eat to celebrate the Epiphany/the visit of the 3 kings to baby Jesus. The
children really enjoyed learning about it, especially the fact a little porcelain/china figurine “la fève”
is hidden in the cake and whoever finds it, will be crown King or Queen for the day. It was fun
pretending we were all “Rois” (Kings) et “Reines”’ (Queens) with our paper crowns. We then
played a game with a paper galette and dice, revising our numbers.
What’s in our pencil case? ‘le stylo/pen, le crayon/pencil, la gomme/ruber, la colle/glue, la
règle/ruler”. We used some of the children own pencil case to describe what was in them.
One session this half term was dedicated to shapes. The children were very pleased to revisit the
vocabulary seen in Y2 and remembered that the words “rectangle and triangle” have the same
spelling in French, just a different pronunciation. They also learned “carré/square” and
“cercle/circle”. We looked for shapes in the classroom which was fun. The week after the children
were challenged to draw a winter scene with a “bonhomme de neige” (snowman), only using the
shapes learned and using the vocabulary about “l’hiver” (Winter).
Last week, we used Valentine’s day to discuss what people give each other when celebrating
something special: Une carte/a card, des fleurs/flowers, des chocolats/chocolates, des
bonbons/sweets. They enjoyed telling me they would choose to receive ‘des bonbons or des
chocolats’ if they had a choice.

- Les crêpes / Food (Shrove Tuesday)
- Food
- Spring
- Mother’s Day/Family
- Easter
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