Barrow Hedges year 2s - French- Report


Barrow Hedges year 2s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1- 2018/2019
Dear Parents, Carers,
Back from the Spring break, our first topic was “Pâques en France” (Easter in France). We
learned that overall the celebrations were fairly similar in both countries, except for one (big)
detail. It’s not the Easter bunny in charge of bringing chocolates to the children but the Easter
Bells. We practiced the words: oeufs (eggs), chocolat (chocolate), lapin (bunny rabbit). We made
sure we practiced our numbers and colors too.
Our next lesson was dedicated to the World and its landmarks. The children were very pleased
when they realized the vocabulary was easy to remember: les Continents, les Océans, Les
Capitales, l’Europe. We discussed the famous landmarks they knew, such as Big Ben, La Tour
Eiffel, La Statue de la Liberté and they tried to name the continent they belong to.
“Le système solaire” was next on our learning journey. “Les planètes” having almost the same
names in French and English were easy to remember, so we use this topic to focus on the
pronunciation. We insisted on the “r”, which we don’t roll in French and also on the “u” which we
pronounce like in “clue” and “glue”. They enjoyed labelling a blank solar system and know so
many facts about each planet.
For our last session we focused on how to be polite when asking for something. Using various
objects from the classroom (stylo/pen, crayon/pencil, colle/glue…) we practiced our “Je voudrais,
….., s’il vous plait” (I would like ,….please). We then play a game where the children (two at the
time) had to race to pick up an object which I was asking for using the expression “Je voudrais,
…., s’il vous plait”.
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