Barrow Hedges year 1s - French- Report


Barrow Hedges year 1s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1- 2018/2019
Dear Parents, Carers,
Our first topic this halfterm was “Pâques en France” (Easter in France). We learned that overall
the celebrations were fairly similar in both countries, except for one (big) detail. It’s not the Easter
bunny in charge of bringing chocolates to the children but the Easter Bells. We practiced the
words: oeufs (eggs), chocolat (chocolate), lapin (bunny rabbit). We made sure we practiced our
numbers and colors too.
Our next lesson was all about Fruits. “La pomme, la poire, la banane, et l’orange” were the first
we learned. To really engage the children, we did a fruits blind tasting. With their eyes closed, the
children picked a piece of fruit and tried to identify and name the fruit in French. We did make
sure they didn’t pick the fruit they didn’t like or the ones they were not allowed to eat. They really
enjoyed it!
We then added “Le kiwi, le raisin et la fraise” and taking turns practiced by saying “Je voudrais le
raisin/la pomme/la banana/etc, s’il vous plait” (I would like the grapes, please)
SONGS we sang in class:
Salut, Salut, Comment ça va? Greeting song.
Father’s day
The Forest animals
The Ocean
The Beach
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