Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French- Report


Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1- 2018/2019

Dear parents,
Our first session back after the break was dedicated to Taste and Smell. We first work on
the vocabulary of the ingredients I had brought: Menthe/mint, Poivre/pepper,
Cannelle/cinnamon, Curry/curry, Romarin/rosemary. Then, blindfolded, the children had a go
at guessing which one they were smelling. For the tasting part, I had brought some
Citron/lemon, Chocolat en poudre/dark chocolate powder, Sel/salt, Sucre/sugar,
Pomme/apple, Poire/pear. We did a blind tasting and focused on putting them into the
following categories: Sucré/Sweet, Salé/salty, Amer/bitter, Acidic/Acide. It was really good
Our second session was focused on practicing for a shopping experience. It was the week
before the Y5 trip to France so they were keen on mastering the expressions to be able to
ask for items and pay for them. We set up a stall in class with various items and practiced
with role-play, working on the main expressions, the pronunciation and being polite.
Our next topic was The World and its Landmarks. First, we covered the geography of the
world with vocabulary such as “Les Continents, les Océans, les Capitales”. Through a game
the children tried to label a map of the world with the names of the continents in French. We
then watched images of world landmarks which they tried to identify, locate in a country and
on a continent.
Our last session was all about Sports. After working on a list of sports, we worked on the 2
expressions the French would use to say they practice a sport. “Je fais” (I do) and “Je joue” (I
play). The children were able to say which sport(s) they practice and also to give an opinion about
sports in general “j’aime/I like, je n’aime pas/I don’t like, je déteste/I hate”.
- World animals
- Father’s Day (Family)
- Trees and Forests
- Cooking session
- A French school fête
- Games and Quiz
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