Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French- Report


Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French - Progress Report

BARROW HEDGES – After School Y4/Y5/Y6
TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Spring 1- 2019/2020
Back from the Christmas break, we did a recap about the 12 months of the year as well as the
seasons. The children worked on the spelling but also on the celebrations across the year.
Adding their “anniversaire”/birthday and other family celebrations in French.
Our second session was spent in the kitchen making 2 Galettes des Rois, the traditional cake the
French eat to celebrate the Epiphany on 6 th January. We had to change slightly the recipe and put
cocoa powder instead of the ground almond, which the children really enjoyed. The second one
was made with “des pommes” /apples.
‘Endangered animals’ was our following topic. The children were very knowledgeable on the
subject mentioning “tigres/tigers, elephants, and many more species. We discussed the causes
with vocabulary such as “pollution, deforestation, construction urbaine/building, braconage/animal
poaching”. The children were then very creative making posters about protecting and respecting
nature/animals. “Sauvez les tigres! Respectez la Nature!...”
We also covered “Les instruments de musique”. Many children were already familiar with “le
piano, la guitare, la trompette, le saxophone and many more”. We played few games to try to
remember their names and listened to a recording trying to identify each instrument.
For our last session this half-term, we talked about Valentine’s Day, discussing what people give
each other when celebrating something special: Une carte/a card, des fleurs/flowers, des
chocolats/chocolates, des bonbons/sweets. Then the children were given 16 letters and had to
find as many French words as possible with those letters. The second part of the lesson was
spent translating physical description of people and drawing them accordingly.

- French Games
- Visit to Paris
- Mother’s Day/Family
- Easter in the world
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