Trafalgar Infants - French- Report


Trafalgar Infants - French - Progress Report

CLUB : Trafalgar Infants
TEACHER : Grace Venkatasawmy
TERM : Summer Half Term ( May 2019)
Our aim is to ensure children understand and learn to love the culture of France and to gain good
listening and speaking skills. We use lively role play, games, bingos, songs and activities to make
French culture both enjoyable and memorable.
It is a pleasure to teach your children and I hope they enjoy as much as I do. If you have any
questions, please send an email to
We always start the lesson with the usual greetings and how we are feeling.
“Bonjour” (Hello), “Comment ça va?” (How are you?), “ça va bien” (I am fine), “ça va mal” (I am
not good), “ça va comme ci, comme ça” (so so), Comment tu t’appelles? (What is your name),
Je m'appelle .... (My name is), au revoir (goodbye), merci (thank you). “J’ai chaud/froid” ( I am
hot/cold), “j’ai faim/soif” (I am hungry/thirsty), “je mange/bois” ( I am eating/drinking).

Topics covered since the last report :-
“Rooms in the house” - “La salle de bains” (the bathroom), “la chambre” (the bedroom), “la cuisine”
(the kitchen), “le séjour” (the living room).
“How to order food”- Foods children normally like, pizza and toppings, burgers and sauces, fries,
hot dogs and drinks. Large/small.
We learnt a poem for mothers day and introduced more vocabulary- “Le coeur” (the heart), “les
fleurs” (flowers), “bisou/baiser” (kiss), “la joue” (cheeks), which the children really enjoyed and we
also spoke about Easter.
This start of term we have been revising and after half term we will talk about the holidays, where we
would go and means of transport.
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