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Barrow Hedges year 3s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1- 2017/2018
Dear Parents, Carers,
Our first topic for the summer term was The World and its famous landmarks. A great opportunity
to revise our geography knowledge, but in French. We talked about the 7 continents,
l’hémisphère Sud/Nord, l’équateur and named many landmarks such as La Tour Eiffel, Big Ben,
La Statue de la Liberté. We, then, tried to name the countries where they belong in French.
Our next topic was: How to be polite in French? We used role-play to make sure we were
practicing all the correct expressions. The children were customers at a café and had to order a
drink using “Je voudrais” (I would like), “S’il vous plait” (please), “Merci” (thank you). They were all
very good at ordering “Un chocolat chaud” (hot chocolate)! We consolidated the vocabulary the
week after, pretending to be at the market as customers and asking for some fruits and
vegetables. The children really enjoyed the role-play and used their “Je voudrais, s’il-vous-plaît,
merci” perfectly.
We then learned what “Passe-temps” are in French: Hobbies. We had lots of fun miming our
favourite hobbies, mainly sports such as le football, le rugby, la gymnastique, le cricket and
saying which ones we like. For example, J’aime le football, j’adore la danse.

Zim Zam Zoum – New song with greetings and expressions such as “Apprenons le français”
(Let’s learn French!)

Recap on Fruits and Vegetables
Family – Father’s Day
The solar system
The Beach & SummerBARROW HEDGES – Y4/Y5/Y6
TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM –Summer 1- 2017/2018
Dear Parents, Carers,
Our first topic after the Easter break was Spring. We watched a video describing Spring in
French, we then worked on the text featuring in the video. The children worked on their
pronunciation and then used a game of battleship to practice the vocabulary.
Our next session was called: Une visite de Paris. Through a power point presentation, we
visited all the 20 “arrondissements” (districts) of Paris, and noticed they followed a snail
“escargot” pattern. We discussed the most famous “monuments” (landmarks), and what was
the difference between “une avenue” and “une rue” (street). The children really enjoyed
looking at Paris from the sky too, as we watched a video filmed with drones. They spotted La
Tour Eiffel, the glass pyramid in front of Le Louvre, and l’Arc de Triomphe.
Since the children enjoy learning through cooking, we spent our next session in the school
kitchen. La salade de fruits was our topic. First, we revisited the vocabulary for fruits. We
then learned the words for the items we will need to make our own salade de fruits, as well
as the expressions such as “laver, éplucher, couper, mélanger” (wash, peel, cut/slice, mix).
Each child made its own and enjoyed eating it at the end of the lesson.
Le Système Solaire was next on our learning journey. The children were pleased to learn
that the names of “les planètes” were pretty much the same in both languages. Since they
already had a good knowledge of the Solar System, we worked hard to translate a French
text which had lots of adjectives to describe the planets. It was challenging but fun.
We used our last lesson to revisit most of the topics of this half term through word games
such as Verbal dominoes, Finish the sentence, or Who is the celeb?

School subjects
Family – Father’s Day
The beach
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