Barrow Hedges year 1s - French- Report


Barrow Hedges year 1s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Spring 1- 2018/2019
Dear Parents, Carers,
Last half term we learned the new greeting word “Salut” (Hi) which can be used amongst friends
and family, so we are now putting it into practice by singing a new greeting song “Salut, salut,
comment ça va?” at the beginning of each session.
Topic wise, we’ve started the new half term by covering the French tradition of “La Galette des
Rois”, a special cake the French eat to celebrate the Epiphany/the visit of the 3 kings to baby
Jesus. The children really enjoyed learning about it, especially the fact a little porcelain/china
figurine “la fève” is hidden in the cake and whoever finds it, will be crown King or Queen for the
day. It was fun pretending we were all “Rois” (Kings) et “Reines”’ (Queens) with our paper
To stay within the same topic, our next session focused on the people who lived (or live) in
castles “chateaux”. We mentioned les Rois, les Reines of course, but also les Princes, les
Princesses, les Chevaliers (knights) and what they were wearing, crowns “couronnes”, armours
“armures”. We also watched a short video of famous French castles and the children noticed the
many different type of castles we can find in France.
The main body parts, such as the head, hands, arms, legs and feet were next on our learning
journey. We then focused on the face and played few games to reinforce the vocabulary.
Our last topic was around Valentine’s day. We mentioned the heart “le Coeur” being the symbol
of love but also what people give each other on that day: “des chocolats, des bonbons, une carte,
des fleurs” (chocolates, sweets, cards, flowers).
Salut, salut, comment ça va? – New greeting song
J’aime la galette– Booklet
The season of Winter with expressions such as « froid/cold, neige/snow, etc ». On Shrove
Tuesday, we will have a pretend cooking session about how to make pancakes and what are
the main ingredients needed. We will then learned about Spring and Insects. We will also
revisit the vocabulary learned previously.
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