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Barrow Hedges year 1s - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Summer 1- 2017/2018
Dear Parents, Carers,
We’ve started our Summer term by talking about Pets. We learned the words “le chat, le chien, le
poisson, le hamster, and le lapin” (the dog, the cat, the fish, the hamster and the rabbit). The
children loved talking about their favourite pets, especially if they have one or more at home.
They also mentioned the one they would like if they could, by using the expression “Je voudrais”
(I would like).
For our next session, we focused on the expressions “Je bois, Je mange” (I drink, I eat). With
flashcards, the children were able to pick food or drinks and say what they were eating and
drinking. We played a game of Duck Duck Goose with the expressions Je bois, Je mange to
make sure we remembered them. We then learned the vocabulary for fruits. The children
practiced how to say “la pomme, la poire, la banane, le raisin, le kiwi” (apple, pear, banana,
grapes and kiwi). On our last session, we did a fruit blind tasting. With their eyes closed, the
children picked a piece of fruit and tried to identify and name the fruit in French. We did make
sure they didn’t pick the fruit they didn’t like or the ones they were not allowed to eat. They really
loved it!

New greeting song: “Salut, salut, salut”
Going to the market
Forest animals
The ocean
The beach

Please note there will be 2 additional sessions at the end of the next half-term to
compensate for the 7 th May (Bank Holiday) and the 11 th June (When I’ll be absent).
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