Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French- Report


Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM – Spring 1- 2018/2019

Dear parents,
We have started this half term by writing to a pretend French pen pal. A good way of
practicing all the expressions learned about how to talk about ourselves. The children then
read their letter out loud to the class to work on their pronunciation.
Our second session this half term was a cooking session. We decided to make a “Galette
des Rois”, a traditional French cake we eat to celebrate the Epiphany. Each child made its
own. We did adapt the recipe slightly by replacing the ground almonds by chocolate powder.
The children really enjoyed the result!
Let’s go shopping! After listing places we could go shopping, we decided to focus on “going
to the market”. Using role-play, the children went through various scenarios to ask for items,
using quantities such as “kilogrammes, grammes, litres” and used polite expressions “je
voudrais, s’il-vous-plaît, merci, au revoir”.
“A Table” (At the table) – the focus of that session was to learn about what we need to set
up a table. “Couteaux, fourchettes, cuillères, assiettes, verres, serviettes” (knives, forks,
spoons, plates, glasses, napkins). I had brought lots of plastic cutlery and crokery so the
children did set up the table and we had a pretend meal with food and used sentences such
as “Peux-tu me passer le jus d’orange s’il-te-plaît?” (Could you pass me the orange juice
La maison et le jardin – House and garden. After going through the list of rooms and
labelling a house, the children wrote a description of their own house using the following
sentence “Dans ma maison, il y a …” (In my house there are…). They then drew and
labelled their ideal home …. mainly with many “salles de jeux” (game rooms) and a “piscine”
(swimming-pool) in the garden.

The environment/Recycling
We will have a session where the children will have to find clues and solutions to various riddles,
problems, etc in French, in order to win a prize.
Geography of France
Mother’s day/Family, craft session
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