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Barrow Hedges - Wednesday - French - Progress Report

TEACHER: Francine Hymans
TERM –Spring 1- 2017/2018


Dear parents,

For our first session back this year, we focused on introducing ourselves. We used role-play. As a pair, the children had to work on a list of questions they would ask each other if they were meeting for the first time. It was good practice to remind ourselves the basic vocabulary.

Winter sports were next. The children enjoyed watching a short video of teenagers skiing and snowboarding. We tried to list as many winter sports as we could in French, revising words such as “la neige” (snow), “il fait froid”(it’s cold). They found the name of the various winter sports fairly easy to remember, as they are very similar in both French and English. Everyone had a go at saying which one of those sports they liked or would like to try.

The children were really excited about our next subject since food was involved. As promised, we did a cookery session. We had to choose a simple and quick recipe to be able to do in an hour so “Le chausson aux pommes” was perfect. We translated the recipe, learned specific words to cooking, before rolling up our sleeves. “Le chausson aux pommes” is basically a mix of apple compote/puree and cinnamon, beween 2 layers of puff pastry. Pretty simple and yummy, according to the children who ate them straight out of the oven.

For our last session this half term, we talked about the world or more precisely The map of the World. We learned the vocabulary for Hemispheres, continents, oceans, and capitals. We learned that some of the countries’ names were different in French and English. And it was a perfect opportunity to practice our superlatives in French: “le plus grand continent” (the biggest continent), “le plus petit pays” (the smallest country), etc.

Building of the world
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