Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a French or Spanish club teacher. We run over 60 clubs in Kingston, New Malden, Molesey, Walton, Esher, Teddington and Twickenham. We are part of an international franchise which is extremely successful and popular. We are always interested in hearing from new teachers who are fluent in French or Spanish, reliable and have their own transport. Club hours are mostly lunchtimes and after-school in primary schools.


1.      Please return the form with all details of your work with children and 2 references.


2.      I will arrange for you to visit a club so that you can see if you would like to work for us.


3.      You will then be invited for interview at our office in Molesey. At the interview I will explain the training and ask you to complete the teachers agreement and the CRB disclosure form. Please bring your passport or driving licence. The government charge for the disclosure is £34 (make cheques payable to Le Club Franςais). The cost may be refunded to you on completion of satisfactory work after one term.


4.      Pay rates depend on experience, starting at £10 for assisting. £15 for taking a club on your own and rising to £20 per hour for successful experienced teachers.


Background information

Le Club Franςais was set up in 1985 to introduce language learning to young children. We now teach 40,000 every week children in the UK. The course is designed by professional pedagogues and linguists to progress from 3 year olds to 11 year olds. The materials are excellent and all teachers are given detailed lesson plans, activity sheets, lotos and flashcards on CD.


We use games, songs, role-play and activities to allow young children to assimilate a new language in the same way they are learning their mother tongue. Because of the way a child’s brain develops, the more they hear of a foreign language when they are young, the easier it is for them to repeat the sounds and acquire a good accent.


We aim to give every child the confidence to express themselves and most importantly we make it FUN!










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Marital status


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Date moved into above address


National Insurance number


Driving Licence number or Passport number


Current position


Secondary school, college and professional qualifications


Language ability – (fluent, spoken, written)


Experience with children


Do you have your own transport?


Days and times when available for work (between 3-4.30pm and weekday lunchtimes)


Name and address of 2 recent employers (or professionals)


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